Igeldo’s fun fire

The hotel is situated in the mount Igeldo more or less 400 meters from the fun fire. Together with the Bay, the fun fire is the centre of attraction and amusement, and a place of visit obligatory for the visitors, that come for the first time to Donostia / San Sebastian. The fun fire is famous for the unbelievable views over the Bay “La Concha” and the Basque coast of Biarritz (France) until the cape of Matxitxako in Bizkaia. The tower, which is on the top of the hill, is the old lighthouse from the year 1778. In there, there is a little museum where it shows the history of the city of Donostia / San Sebastian. Into the fun fire, there is a funicular railway, from the year 1912, which takes you up and down, from the fun fire till the “Plaza del Funicular”. From here, you could visit the “Wind Comb” from the famous sculptor Chillida, and also, to have a walk through the beach “Ondarreta” following by the beach “La Concha” until the end of the Old Town and the Urgull mountain.

Cliffs and smalls bays of Muitzape, Kontramaisu and Tximistarri

From the hotel, there is a footpath which takes you down in the rocky coast and which extends in front of us. Enjoy yourself the time to take a nice walk, and at the same time, let yourself be taken for the Nature, that encircle, with the fresh Wind from the Cantabrique.

Igeldo quarter (Igeldo Town)

The Igeldo quarter keeps a rural character with a little pelota court, a place to practice the Basques sports ( When you wish, you can use the pelota court to play ). Just in front of it, there is a church of Saint Pedro, whose Fest celebrates at the end of Juni. In this Fest, there is a full program with the typical Basque pelota match, Basque Poets performs, competitions in Basque traditional games, games and music for children, life-night music in the public square until late in the night, and much more. The Fest invites you to feel the Basque atmosphere and the life in all sense.

The road over the Igeldo mountain lead to the Orio village, that offers even a charming view over the sea, the coast and the closest French mountains, as well as the Bizkaia and Navarra mountains.

The city of Donostia / San Sebastian

The hotel is situated for about 2 km from the centre and the beach Ondarreta (There is a good connection with the bus line 16 IGELDO just in front of the hotel). The city of San Sebastian is known for the beauty of the Nature, where it situated is, but also for the quality of the city planning and the architecture of the buildings. The Basque Gastronomy is offer in all his splendour into the Old Town. The well known “Pintxos or Tapas”, and also, “Cazuelitas” seduce your palate.

Also from the surroundings like from the top of the hill Urgull, you can enjoy the wonderful view to the Bay of Donostia / San Sebastian. The city also offers visit to la little and cosy Aquarium with theirs big and little fishes, the Naval Museum, a pleasure boating in the San Sebastian Ship which takes you into the island Santa Clara and through the surrounding coast, pleasure drives in the Tourist Bus of two floors ( Londoner Bus) or the train Txu-Txu, the Chillida-Leku Museum ( sculptures ), the Sciences Museum Miramon, the Congress Palace Kursaal, the Centre Thalasso-SportLa Perla, Club the Tennis Ondarreta, the Ice Rink Txuri-Urdin, the park of Palace Aiete, the Bullring Illumbe ( with a leisure centre ), the Kursaal Casino, the Commercial Centre La Bretxa, and so on.