Through Errezil Valley and the Mount Ernio

You leave Donostia – San Sebastian by Miraconcha´s stroll by continuing through the Zumalacárregui Avenue direction Tolosa. You can take the motorway Bilbao-Behobia A-8 until Zumaia, or well you can follow the national road N-634 that bifurcate in Añorga and cross Orio, Zarautz and Getaria before you reach Zumaia.

Once in Zumaia, you take the diversion indicating Zestoa and Azpeitia (GI-631), and that along the river Urola bring you to the old village of Azpeitia. From Azpeitia, you will take the direction to Beasain through Urrestilla.

Urrestilla is a little nucleus something apart from Azpeitia. It is interesting the Parish Church of Asunción from 16th century surrounded with a wide porch of wood.

From Urrestilla you follow your route direction to Nuarbe, where the route divert: on the right to Beasain, and on the left to Beizama and Tolosa. This last one, is the direction you will choose to continue the route of Mount Ernio.

In Beizama, the Church Tower detach upon the conjoint and the Consistorial House of baroque style. In front of that rise the Parish Church of Saint Pedro.

From here, the road goes up smoothly the “Puerto de Aldaba” (Aldaba´s Mountain Pass) crossing the rocky areas. When you reach the crossing of roads, you take on your left the direction to Bidegoyan, that with Goiatz makes the municipium of Bidania. In the square is called the attention the Palace of Iriarte from the 18th century of Neoclassic style, and the Parish Church of Saint Bartolomé.

After Bidegoyan, you take the direction of Regil-Errezil. Soon, you find the old Inn of Regil called “El Balcón de Gipuzkoa” ( The balcony of Gipuzkoa), because from here you perceive magnificent landscapes views of the Ernio massive, and its dominate all the Errezil Valley, green and deep, closed in the horizon for the Mount Oñatz.

Errezil is the capital of the Valley. It is to remark the Parish Church of Saint Martin and the new Town Hall of the 19th century.

Your itinerary is followed by going up the new route until Bidania, and after to come down the “Puerto de Bidania” ( Bidania´s Mountain Pass) direction the Valley of Oria´s river and Tolosa. In your coming down from the Mountain Pass, you take on your left the diversion indicatingAlbiztur. In the little nucleus of Albiztur, you can visit the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción and the Town Hall.

From Albiztur to Tolosa, there is only a short but lovely circuit. You can return to Donostia / San Sebastian through the free motorway which unfold the national road N-1.